Colourful and Cheerful
Toys for kids!
In a world of toys invaded by a lot of plastic, lead and other materials unfriendly to children's health, Maruca Toys represents a valuable oasis of quality and tradition for parents who want safe toys for their children.

The toys you can see in the online store are certainly special because they are handmade, just like in the grandparents' time, when this skill was appreciated and guided by a lot of passion. With the same passion in Maruca's workshop come to life bunnies, dolls, teddy bears, monkeys, mice, kittens and other cute little animals.
Original, colourful and cheerful, Maruca's crocheted toys bring a lot of joy to children who immediately make friends with them, because
they can accompany them everywhere: at play, on a walk, at school and even to sleep.
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