In the world of crocheted toys 

I travelled back in time to my grandparents’ house where handwork was guided by passion. In winter, in their home, the loom reigned and our fascination with the way carpets and rugs were woven. Sometimes Grandpa would tell us stories and Grandma would weave socks and robes, flannels and mittens. In the summer, the loom was replaced by hand sewing and crocheting. In my grandparents’ house I learned what tradition is, what it means to a people and how it links the past to the present. It was also there that we learned to sew, knit and crochet. My grandmother had a wooden and flower-painted chest full of wonders: ii, oprege, poale and some woven rugs. The chest and a passion for handwork brought us into the world of Marucah crocheted toys.

Colourful, cheerful and full of life, the toys are hand crocheted from natural yarns like cotton or wool and soft baby acrylic yarns. They are filled with SuperBall, a filling that has the advantage of being hypoallergenic, guaranteeing purity and the absence of micro-organisms. This keeps the inside of the toy dry, soft and free from unpleasant odours. The toys are soft and do not contain parts that can be swallowed or that may cause the child injury or other discomfort.

Toys have their own names, but can be personalised from colours to skirts and pants.

Children and adults alike have fallen in love with our toys. Cute kittens, friendly puppies, playful teddy bears, curious mice and good-natured dolls have all come together in a colourful and adorable family, starred in films and TV adverts, posed in magazines at home and abroad, and we rejoice every time a new toy is ready to go.

And when it’s ready, the crocheted toy doesn’t leave on its own, it takes all the joy and passion with it to its new little home where a child eagerly awaits it. Her mission is to become the child’s best friend, to listen to him, to give him confidence, to help him overcome his fears, to make him laugh, to give him joy and love. This is the world of Maruca crochet toys.

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