Dinu bunny, green colour, hand crocheted toy made of 100% cotton


Dinu is a handmade toy rabbit. She wears bib shorts and is 36 cm tall. He loves to play with children and is very good friends with Mara the bunny.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dinu Bunny

Dinu the bunny, green colour, is a hand crocheted toy made of 100% cotton yarn. She wears bib shorts and is 36 cm tall. He loves to play with children and is very good friends with the bunny Mara .

Approximate height : 36 cm
Material : 100% cotton yarn

SuperBall Tooling :
Compared to regular stuffing, SuperBall stuffing has the following advantages:

Hypoallergenic : Special and sterile raw materials with a much reduced potential to cause an allergic reaction. Automated production technology guarantees purity and absence of micro-organisms.

More elasticity : Ball-type filling. Each ball is made up of more than 50 fibres. Apart from the elasticity of a single fiber itself, the ball also has great elasticity in all directions. Due to the fact that the filling is pre-agglomerated into individual pearl-sized beads, this results in a very good anti-caking capacity, which means that it will retain its original properties for a long time, even after many washes or after the toy has been pressed for a long time. SuperBall balls can keep their original shape even after washing in the washing machine. Tests by authorised organisations have shown that 98% of the elasticity is retained after the stuffing has been washed 200 times.

Air permeability : Due to the granular structure the inside of the toy will be kept dry and odour free and microbial growth is minimised.

Bunny Dinu is a hand crocheted toy recommended for children under 3 years old. The toys are soft and do not contain parts that can be swallowed or cause injury or other discomfort.


Tips on cleaning crocheted toys

Of course, once you’ve purchased your crocheted toy, you’ll want to keep it beautiful for as long as possible, and you can always dry clean it.

Machine washing

Most crocheted toys can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius (special hand wash or wool programme recommended). Acrylic, wool and cotton crochet toys are machine washable. Cotton sometimes forms small balls of fluff on its surface, if it has been washed too many times, the other fibres can shred and scratch the eyes, so it is recommended to put them inside a wash bag or pillowcase before washing.

Hand washing

For hand washing use soap or mild detergent. Be sure to wash in plenty of clean water and let the water run through the crocheted toy. Gently squeeze the toy a few times. Let it dry on a towel, and squeeze without twisting by pressing. Some materials can be machine dried. Always use a low setting and keep the toy in the bag it was washed in to minimize friction with other garments. The crocheted toy is largely shaped by the correct placement of the stuffing inside the little animal.

If it has lost its shape after being washed, wait for it to dry and then reshape the toy to bring it back to shape.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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